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It takes TEAMWORK to make the Dream Work

Nov 06, 2018 | Aaron Kohlmeier, Welcome Home Real Estate Group

For many years in real estate I’ve been primarily a “solopreneur,” and have thrived on being independent and self-sufficient.  But earlier this year I decided that had to change…for many reasons.

Great organizations of any kind are not built by one person, they’re built with great people.  Real estate, although there is time spent with clients and other professionals in the industry, can sometimes be a long and lonely road.  I personally reached a point in my life and career late last year where I decided I needed to build a team to make this journey more meaningful and to take the next step forward.  I realized that by building a team I would better fulfill the dream I had when I started my own brokerage of delivering a standout experience, incredible value, and top notch service to the customer that in the end was greater than what I could do on my own.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordan.  To me a great real estate team looks like a championship sports team.  On a championship sports team there are key players that complement one another.  There are teammates that pick each other up when someone is down.  On a championship sports team, there is singular focus and drive to achieve results by working together, while often playing different roles and compensating for each other’s weaknesses.  There is a winning playbook, comradery, and a sense that together you can you elevate your results to do something you could never achieve on our own.

How does a championship team translate to real estate?  Here are just a few examples of the benefits of working  together as a team vs. only working alone:  1) We can collaborate to provide better coverage for showings, marketing efforts, open houses, and urgent requests when we are not limited to only our personal schedules and commitments, 2) We can provide different skills and experiences to help one another work through transactions more seamlessly and effectively, and 3) We are able to offer the customer a variety of options and people to work with based on how well we can match their needs with our skill sets, schedules, and expectations.

This has been my biggest focus this past year to find a handful of not only quality realtors, but quality people I would be proud to call friend.  My vision was that through trial and error, learning how to work with one another and developing a winning game plan, we could help elevate and support each other to deliver incredible service, expertise, and results for customers.

It’s the quality of people that matter in real estate – not the system.  Call me old fashioned, but I’m not a huge fan of franchises and the idea that you can just stick any cog in a wheel and produce the same results everywhere thinking that the system is what matters most.  What I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes when you go after that type of a business model, you end up with a result that becomes very much the quality of fast food – cheap and unfulfilling long term.  I would much rather focus on building a local business where the people and relationships matter much more than the system, where there is something special here that you CAN’T find everywhere, and where the people and their skills and experiences REALLY matter.  This is truly what “Welcome Home” means to me. 

Two Rising Real Estate Stars – Lauren Stone and Mitch Ferraro.  I’m super proud to share that over the past year we have built an incredible small team of dedicated, smart, and just good people.  Two of those rising stars from our team I want to highlight for you today are Lauren Stone and Mitch Ferraro.  The first time I met Lauren I was so impressed and knew immediately she was a shining star.  Lauren has over 5 year’s experience in the real estate industry and has an amazing ability to connect with people.  She has cultivated many great relationships with local leaders in the industry and is continually learning and growing.  Lauren is not only sharp, compassionate, and incredibly encouraging, but she delivers results for customers and knows how to handle tough challenges with ease!  Mitch Ferraro is an influencer of influencers in real estate, and just an all-around great individual!  From developing real estate coaching and training material with his wife Nina and their partners, to flipping multiple properties per year, you will not find a more knowledgeable and fun realtor in this area who knows real estate and how to win with others! I also love that both Mitch and Lauren have deep roots in the area, always look to do the right thing, and are passionate about making a greater impact for our community.

Welcome Home Team Upcoming Video Series:  We’re hoping you’ll take a few minutes to get to know us better as over the next few weeks we’re in the process of launching a fun and informative multi-week video series for our team at Welcome Home.  We’ll share a little bit more about us, our approach, and interview some great professionals in the industry so that you can gain some knowledge about our area locally and learn more about the home buying and selling process.  So, if you’ve been in search of a great real estate team – Welcome Home!

Aaron Kohlmeier, Welcome Home Real Estate Group