Client's Testimonials

  • We were very pleased with Aaron’s representation as our selling agent. He was exceedingly helpful in two particular respects: (1) taking full advantage of the internet to showcase the house (by amongst other means, enlisting a creative and knowledgeable professional photographer), and (2) helping us sort through the entire selling process (which consumed about 45 days). Aaron was unfaithfully good natured, calm, and deliberate, which is just what is needed during one of the most stressful periods a homeowner will experience. I wouldn’t want to do it again, but if I did, I’d like Aaron on my side.

  • My home purchase was fairly straightforward, a lot of that was because of the refreshingly capable abilities of Aaron. He was quick to respond, and always on top of things. He did a great job putting my mind at ease which made for a very pleasurable experience. Thanks Aaron!

  • Aaron took care of every detail. He was very knowledgeable of the area. He was always willing to answer questions we had or to go the extra mile. We had such a great experience with Aaron

  • Aaron is a great realtor and has helped us a number of times finding our new home, condo, and has also been a great resource for investment advice. He is very knowledgeable on market trends and values and is thorough in his research. I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone who is looking to purchase a home or property.